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Offices1755. 3B2 S.A.S. Nagar Mohali 160059
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EDUCATIONAL SOLUTIONSEducational Consultancy

Efficiently provides you with the consultation to boost your education and

We provide students our expertise over the the know hows of the educational working throughout the world. The aspiring student can use our expertise to get into the university or college of their choice. We not only help them through the enrollment process, we also help them at every step.

From Airport Pickup to the placements, we help the students in each and every path. They can not only grow academically but also grow to a much competent person as we assist them in becoming independent. We strive to find such a university/college for them that not only fits them academically but also socially.


Client focused,
Results driven

Gain the benefit of our expertise and skills to pave your own path.

We provide our services to the students globally and are not only working to match them to a university academically but also to match them socially, as we believe for a person to thrive in real life academics are the only thing that matters albeit it may the most important one.

Organic growth of an individual can only happen after experience the things himself and we provide them this very opportunity to do so. Our students are not just a glasshouse students but students who are ready to face the world.

Completely synergizing with the environment is what we want our students to do so. This synergy helps them to make social gains along with the academic gains as well.

We provide the students with placement opportunities as well so that they can apply their skills to a practice as well. We take 100% placement guarantees of the individuals under our care.

Proactive Individuals who sought our help have obvious advantage over those who do tends to stick to themselves. We encourage students to proactively approach any difficulty or problem and in case they cannot deal with it, we are always there for help.

We are not just a consultancy we handle admissions, placements, internships and documentation help as well. The flow we handle keeps the student in contact with us feel at ease and focus only on their upcoming changes they will soon face. Our working framework has proven to be great time and time again.

Collaboration between our experts and the university authorities makes the life of students much easier. Any challenge faced by the student can be overcome by just seeking the right guidance from the right authorities.

Efficiency is what people go after but we go after the experience as experience is what an individual feels. So we try our best to provide you the best experience we can.


We offer 100% placement guarantees to the students


Students happy with our work


We have branches globally to accommodate international students.

Documentation Assistance

We provide documentation to both international and domestic students
1755. 3B2, S.A.S. Nagar Mohali
160059 , India

Office No. AK-A-129,
(Opann Agyeman Nobia Road)
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